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Personal development in professional contexts

My coaching approach

My name is Julia and I offer coaching for personal development in professional contexts. While for most of us, work is just one of several important areas in life, yet it is an important pillar of our identity. Feeling unsatisfied, unhappy, insecure or overwhelmed at work affects our well-being and our happiness in other areas of life as well.

Maybe you are wondering...

  • ...whether there is a way to be happier in your current job - or whether it is time to look for something new?

  • which kind of working environment you will thrive, find purpose and feel fulfilled?

  • to balance both your professional and private life in a way that feels harmonious?

  • to meet the expectations of your team, your superiors, or customers without bending yourself?

  • to resolve a personal conflict in a constructive and professional manner?


Have any of these, or any similar questions, been on your mind for some time? Do you have the feeling that you are stuck? Then, coaching with me can help you.

How does coaching help?

Coaching is a methodically conducted dialogue in a protected space. As coach, I am your neutral and unbiased sparring partner. In our dialogue you will gain new insights about yourself, your needs, your values and the motives that shape your actions. Furthermore, thoughts can become clearer and deeper, allowing you to develop abstract ideas into tangible options that you can take decisions on.

In contrast to some other forms of counselling, I will not give you tips or advice and I will not try to steer you in any direction. Instead, I will support you in finding out what is important and right for you. You define your goals - and I will help you find the best way to get there.

about me

I have been giving coachings since 2017 - both as self-employed coach as well as in different pro-bono settings. 

I have a background in economics, politics and public administration and studied at London School of Economics and Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, among others. Four four years, I worked at the management consultancy McKinsey, followed by the German energy company E.ON, focusing on renewable energy. In my early 30s, I changed my professional focus towards "empowering people". My change was driven by clarity about my skills, potential, and values, which I had myself gained as coachee over several years. 

My coaching approach today benefits from my education and professional experience, and many of my clients work in high-performing work settings. I maintain a structured, methodical approach with an eye and an ear for the essential. However, I do not consider myself to be a classic "career coach" - my focus is on holistic, personal development and on discovering and living your very personal potential. In 2023, I received my license in occupational therapy, allowing me to bring in therapeutic knowledge and some well established, action-oriented methods.

Julia Kropeit 2020

Getting in touch

Is coaching with me is the right thing for you right now? Let's chat and find out!

You can schedule an initial call with me that is 100% free and non-binding. We will speak for 45-60 minutes, getting to know each other and speaking about your current situation and your expectations on coaching. We might sketch out a first, rough goal and path for your coaching journey. I will be happy to answer all your questions. Afterwards, we both decide whether working with each other feels right at the moment.

Just write me a short e-mail or a message via the contact form below to ask for an appointment, including your availability (mornings, evenings etc.).

Looking forward to your message!

Anker Kontakt
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