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my coaching approach

MY personal motivation

We are capable of much more than we think or give ourselves credit for - that is my personal experience and conviction. My goal as a coach is to help you to address burdening issues relating to your work that hold you back and drain your energy, so that you can experience work as enriching and find and live your professional potential. I accompany you on designing your professional path to experience purpose and harmony with your entire self. I want to strengthen and encourage you to trust your "inner voice" and find and reach your personal goals and life ideas.

my coaching approach

I use different methods of systemic coaching and client-centered therapy. These help you to take a new look at stressful or challenging topics and to develop clear answers to your questions. Depending on what your current main challenges are, our coachings will have different focal points:

  • If you are questioning your current job and searching for a job or career that suits you better in the long term, we will look at your values and resources and design a vision for your (new) professional path together.

  • If you find yourself in an ambivalent decision-making process, we will systematically analyze and separate all aspects, so you can gain more clarity about where you are going and what you want to achieve.

  • If you are confronted with challenging, interpersonal situations, we will work out how you can act both constructively and authentically.

  • If you are dissatisfied with a behavioral pattern in certain situations, we analyze the reasons and work out what you need to be able to act differently.


In any case, we work out and develop a plan together on what you need to implement a new focus and reach your goals in your everyday life. I look at you holistically and do not unnecessarily distinguish between "professional" and "private" - the focus is always on you as a person.


As mentioned above, I work in the style of client-centered therapy according to Carl Rogers - it is a non-directive style, that means, your needs, your questions and emotions give the direction: I will help you find out what you are looking for and what you need through attentive listening, sensitive, holistic perception and with specific questions. I always remain neutral, open-minded and unbiased. I do not form an opinion on how you should act and do not offer you any tips, advice, or ready-made solutions. 

You can find more on the contents and structure of my coaching sessions here.

"It is not the experiences that dictate our actions, but the conclusions we draw from them."

Alfred Adler
the Foundation: INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY and 

My coaching approach in founded in the school of Individual Psychology of the Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler, as well as logotherapy and existential analysis according to Victor Frankl. If you are interested to find out more about both schools, read on here:

Alfred Adlers Individual Psychology, also referred to as the "second Viennese school" following Sigmund Freud is based on a resource-oriented, positive image of humans. It focuses on the role and impact of interpersonal relationships on our personalities, motives, and behavior. Individual Psychology also assumes that all human beings are inherently rational and goal-oriented, and that behind every behavior there is a deeper, personal purpose that can serve as a key to making changes in ones actions.

Victor Frankl's logotherapy, also often referred to as the "third Viennese school", following Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler, deals with the human quest for meaning. Frankl believed that a personal answer to the "question of meaning" is a prerequisite for our well-being that each human being needs to find in his or her life. He speaks of the "will to meaning" that motivates every human being to deal with this question in one way or another in the course of one's life. He also shows us "paths to meaning" that we can use to approach this often difficult question.

Also besides spirituality, I believe that Frankl's ideas can still give us new impulses for more general questions, such as the desire for more ease and contentment in our everyday lives.

"When we ask about 'the meaning of life', the question is not asked correctly. It is life itself that asks the questions.”

Victor Frankl

Please note:

Coaching does not provide a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or psychotherapist. Coaching is not equivalent to therapy and cannot replace it. 

If you are currently also seeking psychotherapy or are taking medication, please let me at the beginning of our coaching.

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