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COACHING HELPS to identify needs

In order to find happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind, also at work, we need two things:

1. Knowing our (true) needs, and 

2. Designing our (work)life in such a way that they are met sufficiently.

Step 1 may sound easy, but it can in fact be quite hard: surrounded by the ideas and expectations of others - superiors, colleagues, family, friends - we often need to take some time and a step back in order to learn to see, what it is that we actually and truly need.

Step 2 often proves to be even more difficult, given that all the people around us have their own needs which may potentially conflict with ours.

A coach can help you to recognize your needs, anticipate and manage potential "conflicts", and design your strategy to better respect your needs in your (work)life.

COACHING HELPS to uncover patterns

By exploring subconscious motives, you can better understand why you do certain things - or why you do not do others. You can recognize and "unmask" patterns in your behavior. You can learn to break through reaction patterns or "vicious circles". You can recognize when and where you are not acting authentically - and develop a plan to change this!


Many of us have a "dream job" - or some smaller, professional dreams - but we sometimes lack the courage to develop a plan to move from a dream to reality. We might "freeze" ahead of some other, smaller, decisions and get stuck.

A coach helps you to understand and break through a mental blockade, to distinguish emotional from factual parts, and - finally! - to start moving!


During coaching, you understand yourself, your thoughts and actions better, and it becomes easier to look at yourself from a sympathetic angle, and maybe develop an understanding for one or the other weakness. For me personally, this is one of the most valuable aspects of coaching. 


These observations come from both my experience as a coach and as a coachee, as I also have been sitting "on the other side" for many, many hours. The clarity of the insights I have gained during coaching are the reason why I decided to work as a coach myself - so that I can help others to experience these moments as well.

You can read more about my approach to coaching here.

"The strange paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, I gain the opportunity to change."

Carl Rogers
topics in my  coachings

The specific situations or questions that I work on with my clients are diverse - below your find a selection: 

  • Professional change and (re)orientation

  • Role expectations, especially in leadership roles

  • Setting boundaries, communicating needs

  • Conflict resolution, dealing with difficult behaviours of others
  • Stress relief, stress management, stress prevention

  • Motivation, productivity, time management

  • Procrastination and avoidance strategies

  • Preparation of important or challenging conversations

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