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I am a business economist, political scientist, licensed occupational therapist and now for many years, a passionate coach. I know the rules of the game in a performance-oriented work environment well, and my professional years in the "business world" are a valuable resource today for my coaching approach. However, I also know the search for a career that sparks joy and fulfillment, and the desire to experience work and everyday life as meaningful. My own striving for balance between the needs of my head, heart and soul led me to a new professional path, although the previous one seemed promising at the time. The solution is not always a 180°-career-turnaround - but even for this, I am an experienced companion. I know how both enriching and difficult it is to ask yourself about your true, own needs and how to make space for them. And today, I know some well-established methods that can help us maneuver this path.

Portraitfoto von Julia Kropeit in schwarz-weß
my first career was in the business world

After my studies in economics, politics and public administration at London School of Economics and Hertie School of Governance, amongst others, I worked for four years at the management consultancy McKinsey & Company, then as a manager at the Germn utility E.ON with a focus on renewable energy.

After many exciting professional projects, and also many volunteer roles in the social sector in my spare time, I decided in my early 30s to follow an inner calling and shift the focus of my career towards empowerment and personal development. Since then, working directly with people has been at the center of my life (in addition to art).


In 2017, I completed a 10-week training to become a peer coach in the women's network "We are Philia" and have been giving weekly coachings here until today. It is in this role that I have experienced the empowering effect of regular coaching sessions most strongly - both on myself and on others. With each session, I am even more convinced that there are no limits to personal development and that every person can experience more joy and fulfillment in their (professional) life through honest reflection, courage, and self-determined decisions. I completed my certified coaching training as "Individual psychology and existential analysis coach" at the German Association of Independent Trainers and Coaches (VfTC) in the summer of 2020.


In October 2020, I began my studys in occupational therapy at the University of applied sciences of health studies in Bochum, with the goal to further substantiates my coaching expertise - besides psychology, occupational therapy is the closest academic profession to coaching, and it is all about helping clients achieve personal goals, handle personal challenges and take action. Since August 2023 I am a licensed occupational therapist in Germany. This has allowed me to adapt my coaching approach also towards mental health needs. Since October 2023, I am working part-time as job coach in the outpatient psychiatry at Vivantes "Hospital am Urban" in Berlin Kreuzberg. Here, I support people with mental health needs in returning to their job or their education program, adapting those if needed, or guide them in their professional re-orientation.

I live and work as a coach and artist in Bochum and Berlin. When I'm not devoting myself to the topic of personal development or painting, I enjoy time in nature with my dog, sing, or dance modern jive.

Julia Kropeit
Julia Kropeit
Julia Kropeit
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